World Bottling Cap believes sustainability is the right thing to do. To manufacture its sustainable products, WBC uses state-of-the-art production components.

These components reduce:

  • Materials needed
  • Less energy to operate machinery
  • Production times

Through its partnership with one of the leading chemical companies in the world, World Bottling Cap offers the first enhanced biodegradable bottle cap liner in the industry.

The additive can be used in the Easy Pull Bottle Cap or Reduced Gauge Crown with a PVC, PVC Free or Oxygen Scavenger liner materials. When this liner is in a biologically active landfill*, it breaks down into an “inert humus” (enriched dirt).

Our Reduced Gauge Crown reduces materials by an estimated 15 percent while strengthening the seal on the cap. Learn more about RGC.

* Claims made for the additive have been scientifically analyzed by
Independent third party Labs and the additive is U.S. FDA food contact compliant.