Reduced Gauge Crown

Reduced Gauge Crown (RGC)
A Smarter, Lighter and More Environment-Friendly Cap

World Bottling Cap markets and sells the Reduced Gauge Crown (RGC), a lower cost replacement for the traditional pry-off and twist-off crown cap by reducing all materials used in the manufacturing of the RGC.

The patented structural design of the lightweight RGC does not sacrifice any structural or sealing capabilities. It lowers manufacturing costs by reducing the gauge of tinplate and liner material used on the traditional pry-off and twist off cap from 0.21mm – 0.24mm to 0.17mm – 0.18mm. This provides an estimated 15 percent savings in tinplate and liner materials.


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RGC benefits

  • Reduces tinplate and liner material by an estimated 15%
  • Contains less weight for transportation
  • Uses less energy to produce
  • Respects the planet

The patented design of the RGC creates a structural effect which utilizes the embossed recessed area on the top of the cap.

RGC features

  • Tinplate material
  • PVC, PVC Free, or Oxygen Scavenger Liner (BPA Free)
  • Works on pressurized and non-pressurized beverage bottles
  • One to four colors per cap
  • Printing on the surface and edge
  • Variety of colors available (Minimum orders required for specialty printing.)