Easy Pull Bottle Cap

Easy Pull Bottle Cap (EPBC)
Changing How Customers Open Beverages

World Bottling Cap markets and sells the Easy Pull Bottle Cap (EPBC), which is changing how everyone opens glass, plastic, recycled, and aluminum bottles. This packaging innovation uses a patented ring-pull method that allows anyone to open the product anywhere, anytime and drink the beverage at its freshest without the need of a bottle opener.

This more user-friendly method for opening glass, plastic, recycled, and aluminum bottles has a ring pull connected to the cap.

Simply lift… pull… enjoy!

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EPBC Benefits

  • Requires no bottle opener
  • Features our “Freshness Lock” seal
  • Avoids breaking glass, teeth and tables
  • Tamper-proof
  • Opens anywhere, anytime
  • Uses your existing filling line
  • Needs no maintenance, retooling, or converters
  • Has U.S. and Worldwide patents
  • Respects the planet
  • Boosts brand and market share

Bring excitement to opening a cold refreshing great tasting product!

  • Not at the server’s convenience …
  • Not at the location of where they keep their bottle opener …
  • But anywhere, anytime they’re ready to enjoy the beverage

EPBC Features

  • A 21/27-flute crown cap
  • Ring pull & tab
  • Tinplate
  • PVC, PVC Free, or Oxygen Scavenger Liner (BPA Free)
  • Works on pressurized and non-pressurized beverage bottles
  • Up to four colors
  • Printing on the surface and edge
  • Variety of colors available (Minimum orders required for specialty printing.)

And it DOES NOT require maintenance, retooling, converters, or new bottling equipment to apply on bottles.